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Desktop-X 2.0
Powered by StarNet's Top-rated PC X server Technology
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StarNet Communications has just released Desktop-X 2.0 - a low-cost, yet powerful, X Windows application display utility specifically designed for use with SFU 3.5.  Desktop-X is ideal for displaying UNIX and Linux applications re-hosted on Windows using SFU's Interix sub-system. X Windows applications ported under Interix require Desktop-X to manage the graphical user interface on the Windows desktop.

Desktop-X lets you connect over a LAN to X Windows applications on a remote UNIX or Linux server, or alternatively, to applications executed on the local machine running under Interix.

Khoros scientific measurement program from Khoral Inc.

Run re-hosted UNIX applications on your Windows desktop side by side with your favorite Windows applications.  Even copy and paste data from the UNIX application into your Windows applications.

Who needs to re-host?

  • Organizations with legacy X Windows applications on UNIX workstations

  • X Windows application publishers whose customers are moving away from UNIX

  • X Windows application publishers who want to market to the vast Windows user market.

Advantages of re-hosting with SFU/Interix

  • Short R&D time and minimal engineering resources

  • High performance on Windows machines

  • Elimination of network bottlenecks and network connection problems

  • Reduced network and server load

  • Low cost migration solution.

Desktop-X is sold as a single machine license, as described in StarNet's FAQ:



Desktop-X Pricing

Powered by StarNet's
X-Win32 technology

We invite you to download a free
30-day evaluation copy (10 MB).

To purchase individual copies (single machine license) of Desktop-X, visit Interop Store.  $119 via download.  Installation CD $20 extra.


Desktop-X per seat

with Annual Maintenance
1 - 9 $119 $140
10 - 99 $109 $127
100 - 499 $105 $123
500 - 999 $99 $116
1000+ $93 $109


For a Japanese language version of Desktop-X, we invite you to visit:






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