The /Tools site is operated independently by Interop Systems.  We would also like to acknowledge Microsoft's financial contribution which covers a portion of the site's operating costs.  Microsoft recognizes the benefit of enhancing the Services for UNIX user experience by making additional open source tools available and by promoting a "community of interest" around SFU/Interix.  To keep the site free and accessible to all, we are asking you to consider making a contribution as well.  Think of it as a voluntary "user co-pay" in proportion to the benefit you personally receive from the UNIX Tools Community.

How to contribute
We have selected PayPal as the most global and most secure mechanism for receiving payments.  When you click on any of  the "Donate" boxes (below) you are given the option of paying via your personal PayPal account or paying by personal or corporate credit card.  (Yes, PayPal processes credit card payments too -- from 45 countries, converted to US dollars.)
We also welcome your contributions in the form of submitted open source tools ported to Interix.  Make your interest known by participating in the UNIX Tools Forum.  We validate all submissions for accuracy and security before inclusion in the Tool Warehouse.

$20 $40 $60 $80

What's the money used for?
Your contribution helps to support the ongoing operation of the site:
  • Hosting the UNIX Tools site and the FTP download site (~40,000 tools downloads a month)
  • Porting new tools, utilities, libraries and applications -- many at the request of members of the UNIX Tools Forum
  • Providing updates and security fixes to the existing Tool Warehouse
  • Providing timely updates to some of the utilities that come with SFU 3.5
  • Providing a paid Interix expert for moderating the UNIX Tools Forum and answering your questions.  (This is to supplement the solutions offered by participating members.)

While donations are not US tax deductible as a charitable contribution, they may be deductible as a business expense.  Check with your accountant or tax authority.

Many thanks from the /Tools Team!
(Rodney & Bill)




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