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johnveslin -> cc.exe/gcc.exe are not found in the COMMON folder (Sep. 19, '06, 3:25:48 AM)

We have downloaded MicroSoft Unix service 3.5 and have done a custom installation with all the options except NFS Gateway. There was no error during installation.

However we do not find cc.exe/gcc.exe in the common folder. What is the problem? How I can overcome this isse?

Rodney -> RE: cc.exe/gcc.exe are not found in the COMMON folder (Sep. 19, '06, 3:49:31 AM)

There is no problem.
There is no such binary shipped named "cc.exe" or "gcc.exe".
Those would be Win32 applications or applications for Win32.

For Interix cc is a script to drive MSVC to build Interix binaries.
If you want to build Win32 binaries you can use MSVC directly, or if
you want to use the Interix (Unix) environment to drive a build using
make, etc. then you use wcc. Wcc is a script that
can be used from Interix to compile/link Win32 programs.
At no time is Interix (or any other part of SFU) for providing Unix API's
to Win32 applications.

johnveslin -> RE: cc.exe/gcc.exe are not found in the COMMON folder (Sep. 19, '06, 4:09:58 AM)

Thank you for your reply.

We want to use MicroSfot Unix service 3.5 for the Installation & administration of Oracle 11i E-bussiness suit. During the installation of Oracle 11i, we have to provide the COMMON folder path, where all the utilities like grep.exe,make.exe,zip...etc will be available.

Since cc.exe/gcc.exe is not available Instalation will display an alert and eventually installation will not work properly.

Is there any workaround to bring cc.exe/gcc.exe to the common folder? By install additional packages ?

Rodney -> RE: cc.exe/gcc.exe are not found in the COMMON folder (Sep. 19, '06, 4:21:03 AM)

Why is a "cc.exe" needed for the administration of Oracle?
This might help me (and anyone else reading) figure out what it is that is actually needed.

johnveslin -> RE: cc.exe/gcc.exe are not found in the COMMON folder (Sep. 19, '06, 4:42:31 AM)

Oracle E-bussines suit contains Cuncurrent manager, which will run Oracle Pro*c, C,C++ programs.

During the time of Patching for Oracle E-bussiness suite, it will recompile and relink all the pro*c, C, C++ programs automatically by calling cc.exe. Hence we need cc.exe in the COMMON folder.

Therefore VC++, Make Utility, MKS Tools are the pre-requesits for the installation of Oracle 11i.

Oracle recommends to use MKS tools and it is the ONLY software certified by oracle. However trial versions of MKS tools are not availble for download.

Also Cygwin is having many buggs that also causing problem.

Since I am installing Oracle 11i for my practice purpose I can not purchase MKS Tools. So I have been trying to use Microsoft Unix service. During my trial I found only CC.exe is missing in MS Unix Service, if it is availabel I hope oracle 11i will work properly.

markfunk -> RE: cc.exe/gcc.exe are not found in the COMMON folder (Sep. 19, '06, 11:46:52 AM)

You need a cc.exe that builds Win32 executables.
The Interix cc compiler will NOT do this. It will build Interix subsystem executables.

The utils found in SFU's /common directory are explicity win32 only tools.
Which is why you won't find cc.exe there.

You could try wcc but you may have potential problems:
- wcc is an Interix shell script, not a .exe binary.
Oracle build env. may have a problem executing this script.
- wcc expects filenames in Interix/UNIX syntax, not windows syntax
- wcc only knows how to build win32 binaries using MS provided libraries
from the MSVC installation.
There are no additional libraries that provide UNIX api functions.

Other problems:
- Oracle may depend on cc.exe options that MKS compiler provides (and wcc does not)
- The Oracle programs may depend on UNIX apis that are not available in Window's libraries.
The MKS developement toolkit may provide these apis.

So, if Oracle says that you cannot build their stuff using the default MS C++ compiler
and MS libraries, then my guess is that you'll have to go with MKS toolkit.
(or get the cygwin gcc or mingw tools to work)

Rodney -> RE: cc.exe/gcc.exe are not found in the COMMON folder (Sep. 19, '06, 1:20:25 PM)

I'll agree with Mark's comments.

I wanted to list another thought though.
You have the Oracle source code to build. Therefore you can look at it.
Are the programs "generic" C & Unix API's only, or do they also make
calls to the Oracle API?
If the former, then that should be easy enough to get them built.
If the latter (as is likely the case) then you may be interested in
the "mixed-mode" compiling with Interix 5.2 (W2K3/R2) and 6.0 (Vista).
Mixed-mode allows for Win32 API's to get called from Interix apps.
Specifically this Mixed-mode compiling has been tested by Microsoft
with Oracle API's.

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