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xaviguz -> posix.exe (Sep. 26, '06, 4:18:30 PM)

I was able to install our application on W2003R2 and Vista.
When I ran the .net interface, it returned an error "posix.exe not found"
I checked the code and for my program I assume posix.exe is under WINDIR/system32.
WIth the new SUA this is not longer real and the posix and other files are under WINDIR.

Is there a way, to find out where the files are located using a VB.net application? Something similar to fileinfo?
We need to have a compatible program that can run on SFU 3.5 and SUA, detecting where the posix.exe is located.



Rodney -> RE: posix.exe (Sep. 27, '06, 4:14:40 AM)

Versions of the OS that come back as 5.2 or greater will have POSIX.EXE
located in SYSTEMROOT (or WINDIR). You may not need to be specific though.
The system PATH usually has both locations so that POSIX.EXE will be found.
The Windows system summary will return "Version" in Win32-land.

xaviguz -> RE: posix.exe (Sep. 28, '06, 10:37:51 AM)

So if I call Posix.exe without a path in my .Net program, the OS will call it?

I will give it a try


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