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cindy -> starting sfu (Sep. 27, '06, 8:36:19 PM)

Hello everybody!
I have a problem with the sfu 3.5 that I downloaded.I installed on a Windows server 2003-based computer (Active Directory domain controller), I selected "Local User Name Mapping Server" for the prompt "user name mapping", "Network Information Services", and the right Windows Domain Name.
After rebooting the server, I try to connect to another computer (right-click Windows for Unix in SFU Administration), and I receive this message: "The specified machine is not avalaible"
I try to start Server for NFS service, I receive this message: "The service failed to start", the same for the other services.
So, I have uninstalled and reinstalled SFU, thinking that I have made some errors during installation. But I return to the same situation.
What should I do? Somebody can help me?
Thank you for your help!

Rodney -> RE: starting sfu (Sep. 29, '06, 1:56:35 PM)

Does the other machine have their disk drive shared (by SMB or NFS)?

We've heard of the the "failed to start" message appearing, but things are actually running.
Check with either ps -Al or by TaskManager to see if they're actually not running.

You could also see in the ServiceManager what the status is thought to be.
Or is it while you are in the ServiceManager that you get the message?

cindy -> RE: starting sfu (Oct. 1, '06, 3:08:18 AM)

thank you for your advices: I typed the command "ps-Al", I haven't found any SMB or NFS on the creen.I havn't TaskManager to see if they are running, neither serviceManager.
But I found during the computer's starting and stopping the existence of NFS statd.
What should I do to have their disk drive shared?
Thank you

cindy -> RE: starting sfu (Oct. 1, '06, 3:16:01 AM)

I have checked whith "ps-Al" but I haven't seen SMB neither NFS appearing on the screen. I haven't TaskManager to see if they are running.
What should I do or configure to have their disk drive shared by NFS or SMB?

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