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cbhacking -> ftp connection with Vista 5728 x64 (Oct. 4, '06, 11:50:27 PM)

Testing Vista Ultimate x64 build 5728. x64 SUA utilities installed. Installer seemed to install correctly. However,
pkg_update -L bash
fails with the message:

.ftp: connect: Connection refused
ftp: Can't connect or login to host `ftp.interopsystems.com'

The username and password are set correctly. In fact, any ftp connection fails, even to public sites (ftp.kernel.org):
ftp: connect: Connection refused
I have restarted the shell, and even rebooted the computer. The shell is running as an administrator (using UAC) though I've also tried it with UAC restrictions in place.

On a related note: are there x64 versions of the packages available for Vista (version 6.0 I think)?

Thank you very much

Rodney -> RE: ftp connection with Vista 5728 x64 (Oct. 5, '06, 12:46:16 AM)

There are x64 versions built for key packages for 2003/R2 which should work
with Vista x64 where x64==AMD64 (aka "authenticamd"). Nothing for IA64 yet.
I'll make the link on the ftp site -- even if you have the x86 (32-bit) installer
installed it will seek out what matches to the uname information.

As for connecting: check the /etc/resolv.conf file to see if the info is good
in there; particularly for the 'nameserver'.

cbhacking -> RE: ftp connection with Vista 5728 x64 (Oct. 5, '06, 3:40:34 AM)

I have the 64-bit version of the pkg tools. Yes, I'm using an authenticamd processor (Turion 64) not ia64.

lookup file bind

I don't know what this is supposed to look like normally; my Linux systems have always configured it automatically. I have at least some DNS lookup capability though, at least for local (to my school) connections; I can attempt to ftp to school servers for example (every single attempt to connect fails, but it lists the IP addresses as it fails. Those addresses are correct.)

If all else fails, I can at could try to use pkg_add on local packages, if I know which ones to grab (I can download them using Windows tools... the main things I need are bash and ssh). Which versions do I need? Or is there something else I can do?


Rodney -> RE: ftp connection with Vista 5728 x64 (Oct. 5, '06, 12:09:38 PM)

The utilities are in the middle of being updated.
How ftp is getting linked (correctly or not) for Vista I'll have to check.
It's supposed to be using the newer BIND9 with the /Tools enhancements.

It's looking like you are using either dialup or DHCP which is why /etc/resolv.conf
isn't filled in right. So there's two things to try: 1) try commenting out the
line "nameserver", 2) add a real DNS IP to the "nameserver" line. Certainly (2)
will work. For the DNS IP your ISP provides it.

When things are all "updated right" then ftp will be getting the info
from BIND9 which in turn will be getting the info from the registry.

Every package has a set of dependencies. So getting things setup right will
make it smoother. If you want to use pkg_add, you can. Though if you
don't fix the /etc/resolv.conf then you'll need to specify the URL by IP
number rather than name.

Rodney -> RE: ftp connection with Vista 5728 x64 (Oct. 5, '06, 12:23:59 PM)

I just checked with build 5600 and ftp is resolving addresses fine when
/etc/resolv.conf isn't set right (no IP with nameserver and/or no nameserver line).

Which version of the pkg installer did you bootstrap? (just check how old
the version is you used).

cbhacking -> RE: ftp connection with Vista 5728 x64 (Oct. 5, '06, 2:03:23 PM)

I used the authenticamd pkg bootstrap installer that was listed on the site as of yesterday. (link: ftp://ftp.interopsystems.com/pkgs/bootstrap/pkg-current-bin52authenticamd.sh) and it installed fine using ksh run as administrator. At the step where it could go online to check for updates, however, the FTP croaked.

Spooky... I just tried it again, and this morning it works. Sort of. I don't think it was ever IP lookup issues - yes, I'm on DHCP, and I was able to get IP addresses for at least some stuff. The connection refused error sounds more like an authentication problemt? However, pkg_update -L <anything> now fails with the message:
.pkgs/-authenticamd: No such file or directory
I may be able to get something working using locally downloaded packages and pkg_add, though. Lynx, at least, installed correctly... bash spit more lines of errors than my window history contains.

Thanks so much for your help and all your work on this. I take it 64-bit packages are in the works for the pkg_update command?

Rodney -> RE: ftp connection with Vista 5728 x64 (Oct. 5, '06, 3:20:51 PM)

Sounds like something still isn't right with uname on Vista.
Uname needs to work correctly for pkg_update to work well.
This has been the most posted about bug-a-boo around here. It was supposed
to be fixed just post-RC1.
Can you quote me the output from "uname -X" please?
I can then get MS to fix it.

The bootstrap that is authenticamd has all 64-bit binaries. Built on
version 5.2, but they will run without a problem on 6.0 (well, when
uname works) {pkg_*, ftp, sort, etc.). The others are 32 bit
but there is a special mode called "thunking" (yup, that's the technical
term for it) to allow 32 bit binaries to run on the 64 bit machines.

In the meantime you can use pkg_add as:
    pkg_add ftp://ftp.interopsystems.com/pkgs/6.0-authenticamd/bash-

to get various packages (the above is just a sample of course).

I have bash running on a 64-bit machine without errors. What messages do you see?

cbhacking -> RE: ftp connection with Vista 5728 x64 (Oct. 5, '06, 6:42:16 PM)

Output of uname -X:

System = Interix
Node = Firefly
Release =
Version =
Machine = authenticamd
Processor = AMD64_Family_15_Model_36_Stepping_2
HostSystem = Windows
HostRelease = 6.0
HostVersion = SP0, v.3

Not quite sure why it works, but after I installed tcsh and started it, I was able to install (and use) bash. Installing and using sudo seemed to help too, even after starting the shell as an administrator. Incidentally, installing bash put a broken link in my start menu; I replaced that shortcut with a modified version of the tcsh link that works correctly. My guess is that the bash install issues were caused by missing dependencies, although it would literally fill the window history with error messages.

There seems to be a bug in the ftp utility where if multiple network connections have been opened (as a mobile user, I'm frequently switching from WiFi to Ethernet and back again. Sometimes I forget to disable the one before connecting the other, as in I'll suspend the machine with WiFi on, then wake it up with the Ethernet connected but the WiFi out of range.) This seems to cause the ftp utility to lose the ability to connect. Lynx and sftp still both function correctly, but ftp gives the Connection refused messages I described earlier. Short of a complete reboot, I have yet to find a way to mak it work again (logging off might, though it's almost as much of a hassle. A new instance doesn't seem to do anything.)

I've downloaded most of the tools in the warehouse (for SFU 3.5 I guess) and all but a few work (can't install GIMP; it needs a dependency not in the warehouse, but it hardly matters since I can't start X). I'm guessing those are 32-bit tools running via thunking. It seems to work fine, though it would be good to have the 64-bit tools for both testing and performance. I'll look into pkgs/6.0-authenticamd. Thanks again.

Is there any way to spoof the uname (or whatever is causing the hassle) for a configure script? I've tried editing the script, without success; I was thinking I might be able to make my own script that configures for my computer without needing to look up the target architecture.

Thanks again. I'll poke around and see if I can't get Interix ftp working again, and submit the exact workaround needed.

Rodney -> RE: ftp connection with Vista 5728 x64 (Oct. 6, '06, 12:01:44 AM)

> Not quite sure why it works, but after I installed tcsh and started it,

A number of environmental variables do get set in the system login scripts.
These only get picked up after a fresh shell is started. As more packages
are added this is less of an issue since it will have happened before (based
on the dependencies). But for the first couple of packages it's a 'must'
to start a fresh shell.

> Is there any way to spoof the uname (or whatever is causing the hassle) for a configure script?

No. The call is a system API.
The problem is that someone broke the returned information from uname() and it hasn't been fixed.
It was supposed to be fixed post-RC1. So build 5728 should have had the fix.

cbhacking -> RE: ftp connection with Vista 5728 x64 (Oct. 6, '06, 3:25:23 PM)

Thanks for the advice about installing shells. Thank you also for providing the sudo utility; in Vista, running msot software as a non-admin (using UAC) without sudo, I would need to start a seperate shell as Administrator for install permissions.

Well, 5728 still fails to configure, at least in the x64 version. There's also another issue with Vista in that I've found the ftp failures are a fault of the OS itself, not SUA or Interix.

Update still fails; the error I now get is

Gathering package information...
pkgs/-authenticamd: No such file or directory

Not sure why it's not looking for 6.0-authenticamd, but could you perhaps put another link in the ftp tree for that path?

For some reason uname -r and uname -v return empty strings, though HostRelease and HostVersion list correctly.

Rodney -> RE: ftp connection with Vista 5728 x64 (Oct. 6, '06, 5:06:23 PM)

It's not looking for "6.0-authenticamd" because the uname() API return value got broken.
So the "6.0" part is missing (aka "uname -r").
MS is looking into it now. Hopefully it will be resolved, because it's a showstopper.
Vista can't ship with this being broken.

I'll try making a link for build 5728 to get it working.
(Gads, Beta 2 had it working...)

cbhacking -> RE: ftp connection with Vista 5728 x64 (Oct. 6, '06, 7:06:04 PM)

Thank you. I've filed reports myself. I've also finally figured out enough about the FTP bug to report it.

Rodney -> RE: ftp connection with Vista 5728 x64 (Oct. 9, '06, 5:51:46 PM)

A question that the Dev Group asks back is: which SDK did you install?
Was it the Vista RC1 SDK or a different one?

cbhacking -> RE: ftp connection with Vista 5728 x64 (Oct. 11, '06, 2:27:30 AM)

Yes, I'm using the Vista tools, downloaded 25 September. Build 5744 fixes the "Release = 6.0", though "Version = " is still blank. Also, autoconf scripts still fail.

Rodney -> RE: ftp connection with Vista 5728 x64 (Oct. 11, '06, 3:13:02 AM)

> Build 5744 fixes the "Release = 6.0", though "Version = " is still blank

Okay that match with what the dev group is saying.
"Version" should have something by RTM, but the "Release" is the critical thing
for the packages getting installed nicely.

I'm supposed to be getting access to a more recent build of Vista than what I
currently have. So that might be the time for me to look at autoconf.

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