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ehall -> differences between free and commercial packages (Aug. 22, '06, 9:35:59 AM)

I read through the announcement and it looks like there are some differences but most of it talks about licensing and support differences.

In particular, I am wondering how user authentication is different? For example, the free stuff needs to have users with local login privs and the login shell is stored in the user's NT Domain "comments" field, and the announcement seems to suggest that you guys are doing something different here but it doesn't really say.

Rodney -> RE: differences between free and commercial packages (Aug. 22, '06, 1:53:17 PM)

The base authentication does remain the same (authenticating with the user
database, e.g. AD). But there are additional control and monitoring mechanisms
added as well. These controls work in an ACL-like manner to accept or deny
users based on which access they are requesting (ssh or sftp), where they are
accessing from (location), a chroot jail selection, live tracing alerts, etc.
There is also a lot more logging to follow who does what, when and with what
(this is important for a number of recent US laws for corporations). This is
all done on a per user basis (fine granularity). The base authentication is
still looked at first -- it is not by-passed.

The shell being stored in the comments field is a decision made back about
9 years ago with Interix when it was at Softway (and called OpenNT then). None
of the NT admin stuff used the field. This continues to be used if set, but
the configuration file can be used to set this for the initial login
on a per user basis instead.

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