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Looking for something in particular?  Just ask in the UNIX Tools Forum.

Over 60 Open Source applications are now available in the Tool Warehouse, including gcc 3.3.

Download SFU 3.5 Beta now. Then check out our selection of tools for the beta release at  Beta Tools.
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 Tool Warehouse   UNIX Tools Forum
We have assembled and updated a number of Open Source UNIX tools that have been ported to either the Interix environment or to Win32.  The Tool Warehouse is a free repository of software contributed by Interop Systems staff and associates, Microsoft developers, and porting specialists from ISV and corporate migration teams.   (more)
This is the forum for anyone facing the challenge of managing a mixed UNIX and Windows environment or anyone migrating legacy applications and scripts to Windows.  And, if you've come up with a good solution to a vexing problem, share your experience with other UNIX programmers and administrators who find themselves on Windows! (more)
 Frequent Questions  Resource Center
The FAQ section will be expanding over the coming weeks, based on questions that come up in the UNIX Tools Forum.  Many users are discovering SFU 3.0 and Interix for the first time, so we will start by answering some common SFU / Interix installation questions.   We'll be adding new questions (and answers!) on a weekly basis.  (more)
We want to make it easy for you to find all the latest tech notes, white papers, porting guides, links to Microsoft resources and links to independent experts.  There is a lot of information out there -- it's finding it that is difficult.  If you can't find what you are looking for, just ask in the UNIX Tools Forum.  Someone else may have  the reference material you are after.  (more)
 UNIX Tools Community
Consider the UNIX Tools Community as your "home away from home" where things are a bit more familiar -- where hopefully you can find the tools you need to do your job as quickly and painlessly as possible in this somewhat strange Windows environment!  Chances are you've come to this Community website because you are in one of these four situations:
You're a UNIX programmer / developer / administrator in a mixed UNIX and Windows environment.   Furthermore, your organization is likely to stay that way for many years to come;
Your organization has made the decision to move to the Intel platform and you are considering Linux or Windows or a combination of both for your operating system environment;
Your organization has made the decision to migrate totally to the Windows platform and you are faced with the reality of porting many legacy applications and scripts to Windows.  You are anticipating a long, slow journey and you want access to familiar UNIX tools and knowledgeable peers so you can do your job properly;
Or, you are a commercial UNIX ISV facing demand from enterprise customers to port your solution to the Windows platform.

In all of these situations you want to leverage your knowledge and experience to its full extent without getting bogged down in an unfamiliar environment and paradigm.  We're aiming for this community to be just that place for you.

We invite you to look around, visit the Tool Warehouse where you'll be pleasantly surprised to see a growing list of Open Source utilities and applications and drop in on the UNIX Tools Forum.  We hope you come back often and will let us know if you need anything more.

Who are We?
The answer to that question in the long term is: You!  That's right, this is a community website, so we invite you to contribute any way you can.  In the short term, your community host is Interop Systems Inc.  We will keep the content flowing and the forums moderated.  Our staff has been involved with Windows-to-UNIX interoperability and UNIX-to-Windows migration since the early days of Interix.  We have a number of associates who have contributed tools and resources and we invite you to join in! 
Web Maestro: Bill Miller
Technical Maestro: Rodney Ruddock

UNIX Tools Community
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