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solution support

Interop Systems offers a range of services as described below on a per hour or package basis.
Per hour Solution Support can be purchased through our Interop Store using a corporate credit card. ($150 per hour)
Save by purchasing a package of 10 hours for $1,300, with subsequent work charged at $130 per hour.  This Solution Support package can be purchased through our Interop Store using a corporate credit card or via purchase order sent to
We also offer annual support packages and custom development services.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your situation: .
Note: We recognize that many organizations prefer to manage their own migration and interoperability projects, perhaps with the engagement of a systems integrator or prime contractor. Whatever your approach, Interop Systems is here to provide support to your project team.  Our Interix / X Server Solution Support is independent of our role as a Hummingbird reseller.  In fact, many of our solution support customers have acquired Hummingbird Exceed and Exceed 3D through other channels.

SFU/Interix - X Server Solution Support

The Interop Systems Solution Support Team is ready to help you. From initial installation questions, to system configuration issues, or problem reporting, we make the entire process easier and less stressful for you. There are no questions too small or too large for us to handle. And if you should ever encounter a problem that must be addressed by Microsoft or Hummingbird directly, we can act as the knowledge advocate to ensure your issues are addressed properly and in a timely manner.
Support topics covered may include API coverage, OS comparisons, portability, shell script usage, administrative tasks, deployment, architecture, support resources, 3rd party applications, source code migration, user base migration/integration, and many others. Our support services are tailored to meet your requirements whether you are a system administrator, programmer or IT executive.

Application Porting to SFU/Interix

Porting applications to Interix is often as straight-forward as porting between other Unix or Linux systems. However, encountering even a seemingly trivial difficulty may result in unwanted delays.  Our team of highly skilled practitioners, including several of the original designers and developers of Interix, have extensive experience in programming and porting Unix applications – especially X Windows applications.

Application Verification and Testing

Once your application is built, it is critical to business success that it performs correctly. Our team of Interix professionals can verify and test your applications to ensure that your deployed application is a success. Our in-depth knowledge of Interix can provide keen analysis of your application and its deployment that you will find nowhere else.

Application Deployment

Smoothly integrating your completed application for deployment within your company or to external customers is vital to success. Often an application needs to be deployed in conjunction with one or more other applications (e.g. X-server).
Interop Systems has developed Application Deployment to assist with application installations that are seamless and professional. Interop Systems can also help with licensing packages in cases when it is necessary to bundle your application with other applications such as Interop X Server in volume.

Database Migration & Interoperability

Interop Systems has teamed with MSB Associates to provide assistance in database migration and interoperability. By leveraging the knowledge of MSB Associates in cross-platform database development with our team’s knowledge of Windows and UNIX interoperability, we jointly target the following business solution areas:
  • UNIX to Windows Migration: Oracle and Sybase to Microsoft SQL Server
  • Database integration in mixed environments
  • Interoperability between new applications and legacy databases
  • Integration of web services with database back ends
  • ODBC connectivity, including
  •  UNIX application rehosting using Interix technology
  • Database application porting.


Projects for Microsoft

Interop Systems, as a Microsoft vendor, has undertaken several software development, program management, technical writing and subject matter expert contracts for Microsoft.  See List of Microsoft Projects






SFU / Interix / X Server Solution Support

Application Porting to SFU/Interix

Application Verification Testing

Application Deployment

Database Migration & Interoperability


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