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Who can benefit from this site?

It will be particularly useful to UNIX users, system administrators and developers who find themselves (for one reason or another!) on the Microsoft Windows platform and need to interoperate with UNIX or Linux systems; or who are tasked with migrating UNIX applications to Windows. In particular, Interop Systems builds upon the powerful functionality of Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX (SFU) and the Sub-system for UNIX Applications (SUA) in Windows Server 2003 R2.

Add-ons for SFU and the SUA

Interop Systems offers several software products that enhance the capabilities of SFU and the SUA. These include:
  • Interop Secure Shell  Combined SSH Server and Clients for SFU's Interix technology and for the SUA in Windows Server 2003 R2.  Provides secure remote access across mixed Windows / UNIX / Linux environments.  Features ssh terminal and sftp graphical clients in addition to the sshd server.  (more)
  • Interop X Server  SFU and the SUA don't include an X server so Interop Systems has teamed with Hummingbird to offer their X server technology for use with SFU. (more)
  • Motif / OpenGL Development Kit  Motif and OpenGL development environment with APIs and libraries for use with SFU's Interix technology and R2's SUA. (more)
  • Interop Toolworks  This is a commercial distribution of over 400 additional utilities and libraries for SFU.  (more)

Solution Support

The Interop Systems Solution Support Team is ready to help you with your Windows - UNIX interoperability projects on an hourly or project basis. And if you should ever encounter a problem that must be addressed by Microsoft or Hummingbird directly, we can act as the knowledge advocate to ensure your issues are addressed properly and in a timely manner. (more)

UNIX Tools for Windows

Interop Systems hosts the UNIX Tools Community which provides downloads of common UNIX tools and utilities for Services for UNIX / Interix, answers to frequently asked questions, an index of developer resources, and a discussion forum moderated by experts. (more)

Featured Products

Interop Secure Shell
2006 Edition!
by Interop Systems
Interop Secure Shell leverages the Interix / SUA technology by providing a much-needed SSH server and SSH clients for Windows. Details

Press Release March 1, 2006

Interop Toolworks 2.3 by Interop Systems
Updated Feb 20 '06
Additional libraries and utilities for the Interix technology in SFU 3.5. This is a CD distribution of over 400 open source tools from our Tool Warehouse. 
We now invite you to download the .ISO image and create your own CD.
$30 Details


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