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Download Free Open Source Tools for SFU / Interix
To complement the free public release, of Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX, Interop Systems is making available over 70 additional libraries and utilities ported to version 3.5 of SFU's Interix technology, such as: bash, OpenSSH, gmake, Apache2.  The Tool Warehouse is a repository of contributed software from Interop Systems, Microsoft and SFU users.  To download, visit our Tool Warehouse.
(Also available on CD for a nominal cost.  See Interop Toolworks.)

Download Desktop-X 2.0
We invite you to download a FREE trial copy (30 days) of Desktop-X, a low-cost, yet powerful, X Windows application display utility specifically designed for use with SFU 3.5.  Based on StarNet's X-Win32 technology, Desktop-X is ideal for displaying UNIX and Linux applications re-hosted on Windows using SFU's Interix sub-system and for launching X11 xterm windows on your local machine. Download Now! (10 MB)