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Interop X Server 11.0
2006 Edition

This is version 11.0 of Hummingbird's world-leading X Server technology optimized for Microsoft Interix technology.
Interop X Server lets you connect over a LAN to X Windows applications on a remote UNIX or Linux server, or alternatively, connect to applications executed on the local machine running under Interix.
Run re-hosted UNIX applications on your Windows desktop side by side with your favorite Windows applications. Even copy and paste data from the UNIX application into your Windows applications.
For technical specifications, please view the datasheet.

Interop 3D 11.0
2006 Edition

For customers porting OpenGL-based applications to Interix, Hummingbird's 3D module is offered as Interop 3D 11.0. This is an add-on to Interop X Server and includes the GLXDK for developing OpenGL X clients.
For technical specifications, please view the datasheet.

Who can benefit from re-hosting?

  • Organizations with legacy X Windows applications on UNIX workstations
  • X Windows application publishers whose customers are moving away from UNIX
  • X Windows application publishers who want to market to the vast Windows user market.

Advantages of re-hosting with SFU/Interix

  • Short R&D time and minimal engineering resources
  • High performance on Windows machines
  • Elimination of network bottlenecks and network connection problems
  • Reduced network and server load
  • Low cost migration solution.


Interop X Server and Interop 3D

To purchase, please visit our
Interop Store.

Interop X Server 11.0  --  $189
Interop 3D 11.0  --  $149

Interop X Server Volume Pricing


X Server
per seat

with Annual Maintenance
1 - 9 $189 $223
10 - 99 $159 $189
100 - 499 $153 $181
500 - 999 $146 $172
1000+ $139 $164

Contact for volume deployment quotes.


Interop Systems can help you put together a customized deployment package of just the right components from SFU 3.5, Interop X Server and Interop Toolworks.  See our Application Deployment services.


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