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Interop Secure Shell for Windows with graphical SFTP  

Press Release March 1, 2006

Combined SSH Server and Clients for the Interix Technology in Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX (SFU) or the Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA) in Windows Server 2003 R2 installing prerequisite software
If you are working in mixed Windows, UNIX and Linux environments you’re sure to have discovered the usefulness of Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 and, in particular, the Interix sub-system with its UNIX utilities and libraries.  Likewise, the new Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications in Windows Server 2003 R2 provides a solid operating environment for cross-platform interoperability.
Interop Secure Shell 2006 for Windows leverages Microsoft's subsystem technology by providing a much-needed commercially-licensed SSH server (sshd) and clients for Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000.
Interop Secure Shell also features a graphical SFTP client for convenient,
secure "drag and drop" file transfer.
"drag & drop" graphical SFTP

Interop Secure Shell 2006 is derived from the OpenSSH 4.2 Interix port available as a free download from our "Slash Tools" website at 
This commercial edition has several added features:

  • Interop Secure Shell is released under a standard commercial software license, not an open source license. This means that a commercial entity (Interop Systems) is providing all the technical support and critical updates for this important piece of security software. (Interop Systems has been working with both the OpenSSH and Interix technology for over ten years.)
  • The first year of annual maintenance (security patches, automated updates and version upgrades) is included with both individual and volume licenses.
  • Interop Secure Shell includes Interop's own updating technology to facilitate unattended installation and automated distribution of updates to one, ten or a thousand machines.
  • Secure shell access is provided to an Interix ksh, csh, bash or zsh shell. At the request of our user community, the commercial version also includes the ability to access Win32 character-based applications, such as cmd.exe. Access can come from any type of remote terminal, not just VT100s and xterms -- from an IBM tn3270 to a ksh or cmd.exe, for example.
  • Network authentication works seamlessly on any Windows machine where the user is already authenticated in Active Directory. All SSH log-in events are recorded in the Windows Event log thereby facilitating compliance with security policies.
  • The Installation uses a standard Windows Installer (MSI) install / uninstall process, accessible from the Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs.SSH Client Session Manager
  • Terminal SSH and SFTP clients and the graphical SFTP client can be launched from the Windows 'Start | All Programs' user interface. A Session Manager lets you save your sessions for future access.
  • Interop Secure Shell is also the ideal cross-platform SSH client for accessing the ubiquitous OpenSSH that ships with most flavors of UNIX and Linux, and Solaris Secure Shell (derived from OpenSSH). It is also compatible with other commercial Secure Shell products.

    Interop Secure Shell has several optional centralized administration features:SSHD Server Admin Console
  • Configuration of the Interop SSHD Server is facilitated by use of a Microsoft Management Console (MMC snap-in) accessible from the Windows 'Start | All Programs' user interface.
  • Interop Secure Shell’s automated update system allows system administrators to first test updates and patches and then upload approved updates to a secure location. Secure Shell users will then automatically receive the update at a scheduled time or on next logon.
  • Interop Secure Shell includes an additional level of access control and logging by utilizing OpenSSH functionality and syslogd improvements ported to Interix. These provide for optional centralized control of:
    • User level restrictions on which files are accessible via sftp and scp, port forwarding and X-11 tunneling use;
    • Additional logging of files transferred and programs executed;
    • Implementation of a “chroot jail” to create a safe user environment on systems that allow remote access via secure shell.

    Download a 30-day evaluation copy (full functionality) - 29 MB .MSI file

    or Buy Now -- Three machine single user license (e.g. work, home, laptop), including first year automated updates, security watch, version upgrades and access to free support forum. Individualized "solution support" available on a fee basis.

    PRICE -- $59

    Volume and site licensing available on request: .

Installing Prerequisite Software
Interop Secure Shell requires Microsoft's UNIX-style subsystem technology.  This is available by downloading Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 (Interix subsystem) directly from Microsoft: SFU 3.5 download.  The standard download is sufficient.
If you have Windows Server 2003 R2 installed, then the Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA) is available to you from the Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs | Add/Remove Windows Components.  Once you have added in the SUA, then you need to download the Utilities package from the Start menu: Start | All Programs | Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications | Download Utilities for Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications.  That will take you to Microsoft's download site for the SUA utilities.
Microsoft just announced that the SUA will also ship as part of the Windows Vista operating system scheduled for release later this year.  See Microsoft's announcement.
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Get your 30-day evaluation copy with full functionality
Download Now
29 MB .MSI file
(Install prerequisite software first)

Interop Secure Shell with graphical SFTP

Via Download  --  $59
Buy Now!

Price quotes for volume deployments available from .

Interop Secure Shell Extensions
For 'ssh', 'sftp' and 'scp' additional user-specific options can be specified for finer access control to the system.

New configuration file(s) are easy to specify.

scp file transfers increased from Interix standard 2G/2G inbound/outbound to
Unlimited/4G inbound/outbound.

sftp file transfer increased from Interix standard 2G/2G inbound/outbound to
unlimited/unlimited inbound/outbound.

sftp extended logging for HIPAA, Graham-Leach-Bliley Act & Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Special cascading replacement "default user" configuration.

Can specify that only specific IP addresses are allowed for connections.  Multiple IP addresses can be listed and can also be masks. Per user.

Can specify that certain IP addresses cannot connect.  Multiple IP addresses can be listed and can also be masks. Per user.

Can deny access to the system for ssh, sftp and scp in one option.

Can disable scp working for a particular user or group.

Can disable sftp working for a particular user or group.

Can specify a "chroot'ed" environment for ssh, sftp and/or scp connections. The chroot can be specified different and separate for ssh, sftp and scp. Per user or group.

E-mail alert message when login attempts are made or are successful for an individual user. Multiple recipients can be listed.

Can disable port-forwarding for a particular user or group.




Eval Download checksum:
"1407299598 30146560  InteropSecureShell-4.2EVAL.MSI"

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